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Auto Insurance


For some people, a car expresses the essence of their being. To others, it's an object to get from point A to point B. We offer a variety of coverages and companies to choose from, based on your specific needs.

Boat Insurance

Toys (Boat, Motorcycle, ATV, Golf Cart)

Everyone loves their toys. We offer policies for a wide variety of boats, motorcycles, ATV's, and golf carts, and will recommend the protection that is right for you.

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Whether your business is large or small, we have the products to meet your needs. Every business and industry is unique; we identify ways to properly insure the unique hazards of your business. As business owners ourselves, we understand the special protection businesses need to prosper.



Your home is probably your most valuable asset-both as an investment and as your sanctuary in a hectic world. When your home is damaged or destroyed, you need your claim settled by an insurance company that understands this simple fact. Coverage availability and prices may vary by company; we can help you determine which of several companies we represent will best meet your needs and provide the most valuable combination of tailored coverage, quality, service and fair pricing.

Life Insurance


Life insurance is a crucial step in planning for you and your family's future. Your need for life insurance is dependent on your personal financial needs and goals. As your life changes, your life insurance coverage may need to be updated to adapt to your new needs. We offer a wide variety of coverage to provide what is right for you, now and in the future.

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As a renter, you have special insurance needs that are not served with a traditional homeowners policy. We can provide you with insurance protection for your furniture, appliances, clothing and other personal possessions. Don't forget about your personal liability.


Farm Owners

We know that every farm is unique. No matter the size of the operation, whether you own or rent farm ground, or raise crops or livestock, our policies may be expanded and tailored to help meet your insurance needs.

Personal Umbrella

Monetary damage awards from lawsuits continue to increase. Personal Umbrella policies provide an extra layer of liability coverage above and beyond what your auto, home or boat policies provide. Check with us to see if an Umbrella Policy makes sense for you.


Health insurance plays an important role in protecting your family's assets. It helps pay for doctors, hospitals and emergency care depending on the plan you choose. We represent several companies that offer individual major medical, catastrophic, short term and Medicare plans.